We believe that God loves you!

We believe that God loves you—that the God who knew your name from all eternity, who formed you in your mother’s womb and has given you all you are and have desires to know and love you now and forever.

We believe that God loves you—that the Bible is the inspired and inspiring story of this God’s amazing love for you.  It’s the true story of a God who created a world for no other reason than to have more to love and who never ceases to love his children (you!) even though they turn from loving Him and others to loving themselves.

We believe that God loves you—so much that he took on human flesh, in the person of Jesus becoming man to be and proclaim the love and forgiveness of God that knows no bounds and has no end, who rather than be without you died on the cross for the salvation of the world and rose from the grave to proclaim that nothing—nothing!—can separate you from the love of God in Christ Jesus!

We believe that God loves you—so much that He sends His Holy Spirit to continue to work in the world He loves inspiring and empowering people (like you!) to proclaim His forgiveness and live out his transforming love in word and deed.

We believe that God loves you (He really does!) and wants you to be a part of a group of people gathered around His words of forgiveness and His meal of life who are simply awestruck by the Good News of a God who loves even—especially!—the “chief sinners.”  Immanuel Lutheran Church is such a group— too often loveless yet not loved less, sinners yet forgiven, wounded yet healed.

The best way to learn more about the God who loves you without condition and without question is to join us in worship, talk with our people, and/or give pastor a call or email.  More about the beliefs, teachings, and history of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod can be found here.